BARCELONA, in 24 hours

So, what do you do when a spur of the moment trip to Barcelona pops up? You say hell yes, pack your bags, and get on that plane! The only catch, we had less than 24 hours to settle in, explore, and sleep. But, this is Spain we’re talking about, and my first time there, i was going to suck up my tiredness and put my big girl pants on, and get my adventure on!
We took a late flight, i didn’t sleep much because i never sleep on planes, so i packed a book, read a little, watched some movies, and had a drink. Before i knew it, we were there! And let me say, the Barcelona airport is one of the nicest i have been to… i was definitely a fan. We made our way to our hotel, checked in, and got to our room. In true fashion, we got comfy and decided to take a quick little cat nap. Well…… that turned into two hours. We finally got up and went to explore… We walked the beautiful streets of Barcelona and made our way to the Sagrada Familia (a large Roman Catholic Church).
We had to wait a little for our tour to start, so we stayed close by, and sat on a park bench and watched all of the people go by. We saw old men playing games, children running around, and birds resting near the pond. I truly was thankful for being there. We made our way inside that Church and it was beyond impressive. I would definitely recommend checking this out… the architecture alone will blow your mind!
That took a few hours, it was then time to eat, so we made our way back to our hotel’s rooftop bar for some dinner and drinks. We overlooked Barcelona while sipping champagne and sharing stories and laughs.
The people were beyond helpful and kind, there are taxi’s everywhere, and it’s clean! I cannot wait to visit again this beautiful city with more time to see all of the hidden gems it has to offer ❀

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